A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are the captain of the HMS Hawkins, a scout ship. Embark on your journey for the federation.

As the captain of the ship, exploring unexplored territory, you will need to survive on the landscape. Battle natives and pirates, or negotiate with them. Plunder lost worlds and ghost ships. Conquer the universe, or die trying.

This was my second jam, and an entry into Ludum Dare 40. Be sure to read the help to understand the game better.

Install instructions

Extract and run. That is everything. Turn down your volume a bit too... it may be loud.


ldj40_the_six_hundred_windows.zip 8 MB
ldj40_the_six_hundred_mac.zip 21 MB
ldj40_the_six_hundred_linux.zip 12 MB

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